At QED we are here to assist you with all your electrical needs. As the name suggests we are dedicated to supplying your projects with quality electrical solutions and we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Our regional division can help anywhere in Western Australia or Northern Territory. Based 1 hour north of Perth we are in a prime location for travel so please call to discuss our flexible options. We will be pleased to quote you on your next project and work with you to realise your dream (electrically speaking.)

Quality Electrical & Design, Acronym

QED is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase, ‘Quod Erat Demonstrandum’, which means that what is stated is proved to be correct. This is commonly placed at the end of a mathematical proof or philosophical argument when the original proposition has been exactly restated at the conclusion of the demonstration which asserts the completion of proof.


At Quality Electrical & Design, we have an experienced team including skilled and licenced tradesmen, expert contractors and apprentices in training. Our People are all committed to excellent workmanship & client satisfaction and we believe that working together is essential for a successful industry. We are dedicated to training and developing the skills of the next generation of electricians and employ a number of motivated apprentices.

Our professional team at Quality Electrical & Design is experienced and ready and willing to help you out with your next electrical project no matter how big or small it may be.

At QED, we work together as a team to get projects completed effectively, safely and keep our clients happy. Our culture focuses on a family-friendly environment to ensure a happy, positive to our work. We like to create a positive partnership with our clients where communication is open and honest. Team building events is one way we keep an open, honest relationship between our company, our clients and our contractors.

As a primary member of the Malaga Business Districts Association,we are working hand in hand to give back to the community with a number of leading edge projects.

We are currently looking at sponsoring an entry in to the Variety Bash for 2017. This will involve the our company and its people and is a great initiative to give to the kids.


All of us at Quality Electrical & Design – (QED) are committed to working efficiently and effectively within the laws and compliance for each project within a safe environment. We have an attitude of completing work to a high standard and then coming home to our families and loved ones, feeling proud of what we have achieved. QED maintains a safety culture that has both extensive internal risk assessments and client specific risk management. We also keep up to date Material Safety Data Sheets on hand for all common-use products.

We supply, teach and encourage our people to use best safety practices and equipment for all tasks. If you require any site specific PPE or policies please let us know on approach and our friendly staff will be happy to comply. As part of our employment and sub-contract agreements, all employees & contractors are subject to random illicit drug & alcohol testing.

Quality Logo

  • Payment is due COD for general residential or call out work
  • We work on a 7 days from date of invoice for commercial or project quoted works.
  • Payment terms can be negotiated at beginning of contract for other quoted works.
  • Overdue payments after 1 month past terms will attract interest at a rate of 1.5% per month for the overdue portion.
  • Normal hours is from 6am to 6pm any work requested out of these hours will be charged as out of hours.
  • Normal travel is 100km from base (Lower Chittering) or the Perth metro area. Excess travel will be charged for remote areas.
  • Please see the QED Terms and Conditions PDF for other terms and conditions of trading.