At Quality Electrical & Design we work with our clients needs in mind to achieve efficient & dynamic solutions for there electrical projects. We appreciate the opportunity to open our mind to research your project and come up with the best possible solution. Working together to bring your concept in to reality, QED the sky is a start not the limit!

Design Private pillar connections for approval by Engineer

Here at Quality Electrical & Design we can arrange design of your electrical project and can assist with creative solutions and a large knowledge of products and electrical systems. With a broad spectrum of experience and well established contacts we can find and create what you are searching for. We have the ability to draft and produce quality plans for as constructed or preliminary as needed. We can effectively communicate between our clients and the consultants to enable smooth flowing of projects.

Infrastructure Underside design

Design For Duct & Ladder

Dynamic Electrical Design is used to form effective load demands on power grids & generation systems. This is an essential part of your next infrastructure project and includes the need for,

  • Spinning reserve
  • Power-factor correction
  • Harmonic filters
  • Load control
  • Black start sequencing

This is available on request and we are currently working on getting further accreditation to allow us to better suit your needs.


Design and Construct Shed Install

Power, Hoist & Lighting D&C

QED are a ‘Solutions Based’ electrical company and our professional team will work with peoples vision to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces on a budget. We use energy efficient quality fittings and fixtures and are up to date on new products and innovative ideas, effectively implement them into your area. From an office space to a family home we are happy to help you create that perfect feel.

Design and construct for tendering processes is available on application (fees apply.)